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Honey Pot: Meet Launch

Establish your authority, build your expertise, and make major bank!

Three major trainings. One epic experiment. The Launch Like a Queen program portal. YOUR quantum leap.

And forever access, of course!


Here's what's inside...

  • Learn my Honey Pot Launch System and sell out *whatever* you're selling!
  • Adaptable for any offer-- group, course, 1:1-- so that you can sell with ease year-round!
  • Master the art of Subconscious Breakthrough Technology for no-brainer sales


Does that word send shivers down your spine?

Make you panic?

Fill you with ALLLL the visibility fears and MAJOR overwhelm?

Good. Because that's going to change.

People that complain about the launch rollercoaster?

They've never ridden it with me!

Launching is more than a strategy-- it's a psychology.

And once you *get* can use it to create the easiest business EVER!

Creating income on demand? MAGIC.

Magnetizing your ideal clients to you? MAGIC.

Giving a big ole middle finger to the whole "dollars for hours" thing? MAGIC.

There is no faster and easier way to skyrocket your success than launching.

I mean, it's called launching for a reason.

It's you...hopping onto this tiny little offer space rocket...armed with your best content...

And blasting off into the land of insta-authority, supercharged visibility, and more money than you ever imagined making EVER, much less in a week.

But launching successfully...WHEW.

It requires you to work through sooooome kinda B.S., amirite?'ve got me 😉 and we're doing this the Gaby way...

And that means a littleeeee differently!!!

Honey Pot : Meet Launch.

There are some *KEY* steps to selling that only the best of the best understand.

But I'm breaking those down for you, Honey Pot style 😉

Because see, Honey Potting is bigger than just posts. And once you can see the bigger picture...magic unfolds!

We're kicking this party off with THREE epic trainings designed to give you the goods.


Day 1: "Red-Hot + Ready"

Think you need to nurture your audience for months before you can sell? Think again.

Day One, I'll teach you how to speed things up. See, there's ONE THING that makes the best content work like magic...and it starts before you even sell anything. I'll even give you some examples of this in action so you can never unsee this ever again!

Once you learn this SO EASY IT'S SCARY step, you'll have people asking you for the program before you've ever even put it out!!!


Day 2: "Get Out of My Head"

What would this be without my signature subconscious magic? Launching requires rapport, and that's basically what I am a PRO at helping you build. Inside, I'll reveal the ONE foundational subconscious avatar that basically *everyone* has...and save you a ton of time that you'd otherwise spend on ICA worksheets and niche brainstorming 😉

And then I give you the tools to call them in. Because you need the right words.

Not salesy words. But also not too friendly. Not like toooo pushy but like pushy enough that people know you're the authority. But not like in a scary way, in exactly the right way that makes them buy without you having to DM them 5 times.

I can help. A lot.


Day 3: "Seal the Deal"

Like I say...I'm not the best launcher, but I'm the most persistent.

I got launch stamina. And it's because I understand the Subconscious Launch Arc.

There's an arc happening in YOUR subconscious that you need to factor into your launch strategy (knowing this changes everything)...

But there's ALSO an arc going on in THEIR subconscious that tooooo many people are leaving half-open. We're gonna make sure that doesn't happen.

Because a Honey Pot Queen takes it all the way!


Launch like a queen

In addition to getting access to Magic Launch, you get something ULTRA next level...a brand-new collection of the BEST subconscious launch strategies I have learned and executed in the last year.

Subconscious Offers

I break down the THREE things you need for your own magically converting offer. No offer? No problem. PLUS, I break down the next-level subconscious shifts YOU need to make and WHY.

Closed Loop Launch

Understanding and implementing my closed loop launch system is the KEY to peace in your business. Ready to get off the feast or famine cycle for good? You're one step away.

Pre-Selling like a Boss

Learn how to stagger your launching to create a steady flow of sign-ups and income. More success, more money, less work! PLUS, how to make this all work based on what Authority Level you're at. Beginner? Expert? Doesn't matter!

Oh! And then the best part...

The Experiment.

I want to SHOW you how easy launching can be.

I want to prove to you that 7-10 days can be enough to explode your business.

I've created an epic offer and you'll watch me build a sold-out launch from scratch...that YOU can replicate in YOUR business!!

You'll get all the how-to you need in the program, but seeing THIS in real-time, with the how and why broken down every step along the way? And THEN the push + support for YOU to go out and do it yourself?! Magic!!!

Once you see this in action, all those excuses will go out the window. And most importantly, you get to call the shots-- you decide how full-out you want to go. No pressure either way. You wanna just chill and learn? Practice in the group? You can do that too!

Gallery-2023_09-18 Gaby by Miami Brand Photographer MSP M Suarez Photography 158MSuarezPhotography

You're ready for this.

You deserve the soulmate clients. Sharing your gifts. The income leaps.

The freedom. The fun.

And it gets to be easy.

I'll give you the easiest way to launch.

A method that feels aligned. That feels GOOD.

That inspires you to show up over and over again...

That makes selling feel like connecting.

The launch strategies that we've been taught don't work anymore. We're over the predictable email funnels and salesy webinars.

We want REAL. We want an experience.

And this is how you do that.

Your people are ready to buy. They WANT to buy. Are you ready to let them?!

Subconscious power squared!

My work is based on the power of your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is in charge of 97% of your actions, and yet you have little to no communication with it.

That means two things: it's running the show for YOU, and it's running the show for your ideal clients.

Want a successful launch? You need to tap into the subconscious!

You have to get YOUR subconscious mind on board...but you also need to get THEIR subconscious mind on board.

And I have you covered for both.

I'll teach you everything I've learned about subconscious sales psychology and what truly motivates people to buy at the end of the day (hint: it's NOT what the gurus say!), and then I'll rewire YOUR subconscious for total launch success.

You'll be left wondering, "Was it always this EASY?!"

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

As a Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ practitioner, I've worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs and understand exactly WHAT is going on in your subconscious, even when you have no idea!

Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️) is a hybrid supertherapy pioneered by celebrity therapist Marisa Peer. It offers unparalleled results by combining the best aspects of hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and psychotherapy.

Using RTT®️, we have the ability to access the subconscious mind to identify, reprogram, transform, and upgrade the root cause of any limiting beliefs, any mental and physical issues, and disempowering patterns and behaviors.

By accessing the subconscious mind directly, RTT®️ delivers quick and permanent results in as little as one session.

And once we have your subconscious mind on board, the sky's the limit!

It works.

I'm Gaby, and I'm a subconscious success business coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy® practitioner. Using RTT® and all of the launch strategy that I will be showing you in this program, I was able to grow a multi 6-figure business in a year, and a 7-figure business in two, and I did it being ME. No cold DMs, no affiliates, no team, no ads.

This works. And it will work for you, too. I've helped so many women create incredible launches-- whether they're first-time launchers or seasoned vets.

And I'll show you exactly how inside!

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Launch queens in action

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Your Investment

1 payment of $2222

  • "Red Hot + Ready" Training- the ONE key to create a pre-launch frenzy
  • "Get Out of My Head" Training- the foundation subconscious avatar *everyone* has, and how to customize it for YOU
  • "Seal the Deal" Training- master the Honey Pot™️ Launch Arc
  • The Launch Like a Queen Program Portal (with trainings on subconscious launching, the art of pre-coaching, launching by clout level, and SO MUCH MORE!)
  • Behind-the-Scenes access to the Collective Sold-Out Launch Experiment
  • My go-to, no-fail Sales Page Template
  • TWO Sold Out Launch RTT® Recordings-- one for pre-launch, and one for launching!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Unlock Your Magnetism Neuroactivation™
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Hey, I'm Gaby!

I'm a lawyer turned business coach + Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ practitioner helping you master your strategy, message, and mindset so that you can live your most authentic and wildly successful life with less hustle and more flow.

I use a mix of subconscious + energetic modalities and high-level strategy to help you overcome even the deepest subconscious blocks standing in your way for FAST success.

You don't have to stay stuck. Join me today in being limitless!

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