Programs & Bundles

These are some of my favorite programs & bundles to date, and I know you'll love them too! All programs & bundles on this page are self-guided, so you can dive right in, or save them for later. You'll have forever access to the ones you purchase.

I  hope you love them as much as I  do!



qsq express


Honey Pot™ your way to quantum success with QSQ Express! I extracted the sweetest parts of my original program         Quantum Success Queen into a hammer-it-out-in-a-day mini course so that you can start creating those fire Honey Pot Posts™ right NOW and start getting paid for your genius ASAP.

Launch queen


Establish your authority, build your expertise, and make major bank in this program where Honey Pot Posts™ and launching converge. Three pre-recorded trainings. One epic experiment. The Launch Like a Queen program portal. YOUR quantum leap.

Magic Launch Formula


A foolproof and intuitive launch formula that will help you ditch the fear and free the FUN(ds). Learn how to launch confidently and authentically and master the art of subconscious sales psychology to effortlessly connect with your dream clients.

Money 5d


Unleash your inner money maker with this groundbreaking Rapid Transformation Program to Neuroactivate your money-making badassery and rewire you for next-level money miracles!


Rtt Bundle


Change your thoughts and transform your life in as little as a day with this Rapid Transformational Therapy® bundle. Permanently and powerfully rewire your subconscious mindset and begin to embrace the amazing success you deserve!

Divine Feminine Bundle


Let go of the hard, embrace your true magnetism, and unleash your truest power with these ultra penetrating activation and meditation recordings, all from the comfort of your own home!

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